Friday, April 22, 2011

EGGtraordinary Forces!

This fourth eggperiment in this eggtravaganza is more like a trick or a stunt! When you perform it for your friends, they will think it took years of circus training. But actually it will only take 15 minutes. This is a carnival of forces in action. 

For this experiment you will need:

  • 1 raw egg
  • 1 Large straight edged glass
  • 1 Plastic plate with a flat bottom
  • 1 Piece of A5 card rolled into a tube with the thickness of a 20c piece
  • A flat surface where you don’t mind making a mess!

Half fill the glass with water and place it on a flat surface. On top of the glass place a plastic plate.  Make sure the plate is centered right on the middle of the glass.  Place your rolled up tube on the middle of the plate. Now carefully balance the egg on top of the tube.  You may want to practice the next bit with a small lime or rubber ball instead of an egg! 

Stand close, facing your egg tower.  You are going to hit the plate with the flat of your hand!  Here’s some tips:

  • Hit the plate in a straight horizontal direction. No Karate chops or flips!
  • Hit the plate hard enough so it lands approximately 600mm away.
  • Stop before you hit the glass!
  • Confidence is the key.

Hopefully your egg will land in the water!  Why?  You provide a force which moves the plate.  Due to the friction between the plate and the tube – the tube moves too.  The egg is drawn into the glass by gravity.
Check back tomorrow for more eggperiments!