Saturday, April 23, 2011


We hope you had eggtreme fun this last week and have become Eggperts!   But you may want more, so here are a few eggtras.

Monday we covered water density by floating an egg. Look at this photo.  Can you recreate it? 

Tuesday we discovered how to predict if an egg was hard-boiled or raw.  You could turn this into a magic trick. Stun the crowd by ‘magically’ picking the only boiled egg out of a tray of raw ones. 

Wednesday we put an egg in a bottle.  But can you get it out again? What else can you get in a bottle?

Thursday’s eggtraordinary forces. Take it to eggremes and make bigger egg towers.  Check out the video of our mate who took up this challenge! 

Friday.  Do this eggperiment again but with a little twist.  Before putting your egg in the vinegar write your name on the side with a soft wax crayon. After 24 hours what happens?

You might wonder what to do with all the stuff you have made. Well in Victorian times people made things called curiosity cabinets. Some were simple boxes and others were big elaborate cases. They would fill them with interesting stuff. Shells, bones, pressed flowers, persevered animals and many other strange things. They were like mini museums. You could get an old box and decorate it to make a curiosity box for your eggs.

Do remember that your eggs will eventually go bad and smell a bit funky!  This is in keeping with Victorian curiosity cabinets.  Many have been found with rotting samples and dangerous chemical like mercury in them!  Yuck!

Happy Easter!