Sunday, May 1, 2011

It is Science Week! 2011

Emily and Alan here at Science in a Van are very excited!  We are visiting five different schools over the next week and helping out the NZASE team by providing a teacher session on Wednesday evening.  Fourteen Science in a Van experiences in five days – bring it on!
But we don’t want to be the only ones having fun with science during Science Week!  We want you to get involved too.  We have lots of experiments in our Science in a Blog archive for you to try and we are posting up a new experiment every day this week. 
The first experiment we will do on Monday will be one you are quite familiar with.  Tuesday through to Friday will have additional experiments that will help you get to grips with the science behind Monday’s experiment.
Over the years we have discovered that there are quite a few popular experiments that people absolutely love demonstrating but are a little unsure of the science behind them.  We hope this week we can help build up your scientific understanding and have some fun along the way.
So, we hope you all come along for the ride!  You’ll be demonstrating these experiments in your classroom in no time.  Here at Science in a Van we like to use explosives and naked flames – so always have a sober, responsible adult at hand J

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