Friday, May 6, 2011

Last but no means Least!

Today is the last day of Science Week sob sob.  We have had a fabulous time and we hope you have too.  Today we are at Bayfield School and are sharing the Ultimate Experience with them.
All of our experiments over this week have attempted to confront the ‘burning oxygen’ myth.  We do need oxygen to aid burning but it’s not a fuel.
For this experiment you will need:
  • Plate with cold water in it
  • Jar
  • Boiling water
  • Heat proof gloves or oven gloves
  • A respectable adult
  1. Get your adult to hold the jar with their oven gloves on and then pour boiling water into the jar.
  2. Pour the water out and refill with boiling water and pour it out again.
  3. Then QUICKLY pop the jar mouth down in the bowl of cold water.
Hopefully you will see the water on the plate get drawn into the jar.  This experiment has had the same effect as Monday’s experiment when we used a candle to heat up the gases in the jar.  The effect this time is a little slower. 
We have had fun putting these blogs together.  Isn’t it amazing how sometimes what we think is the right answer is not quite right.  But it’s great to go back and have another look, re-examine things and discover a whole new world of wonder!

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