Thursday, May 5, 2011

Two for the Price of One

Want to inflate a balloon without losing your breath?
For this experiment you will need:
·         A bowl
·         Boiling water
·         A bottle (that can stand the heat of boiling water)
·         A balloon
·         Heat proof gloves or oven gloves

Want to inflate a balloon without losing your breath?

1.    Stretch the opening of the balloon over the opening of the bottle.
2.    Put your bowl on a flat surface and fill it with boiling water.
3.    Using your gloves, hold the bottle in the water.

You should observe a slight inflation of the balloon.  This inflation is caused by the expansion of the gases in the bottle as they get hotter. 

The next experiment you will need:
·         A empty drink can
·         Hot plate, camp stove or use the element on your stove
·         Bowl of cold water
·         BBQ Tongs

  1. Place a little bit of water in the can. 
  2. Using the tongs place the can on the hot element and heat until the water inside the can is boiling. 
  3. Using the tongs again, take the can and place it mouth first in the bowl of cold water. 
  4. The can should crush with quite an impressive noise! 
This is the reverse what happened with the balloon.  By boiling the water it starts to turn into a gas … a hot gas.  Also, all the other gases in the can heat up too.  As we know when gases get hot they expand.  When we put the can into the water the gases are cooled and condense.  This happens really quickly and the opening to the can isn’t big enough to suck in the water to fill the gap that has just been created.  As a result the can crushes!

Only two days left of Science Week!  We had a fantastic time at Albany Junior High School with a bunch of lovely teachers after school yesterday.  Thank you all for coming out to say hello, meet Space Chick Steve, eat sweets and share in some science fun.

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