Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Liquid Nitrogen Experience!

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Our last tour was a sold out success!

This 45 minute show will inspire your students by:
  • demonstrating the effects of temperature on natural and manmade materials
  • deflating a balloon without popping it
  • explaining the states of matter through the medium of dance!
  • creating a cloud right in front of their eyes
  • an explosive finale and much, much more!
This memorable and fun experience explores Level One and Two of the Physical and Material world strands of the curriculum.  In particular, it presents the vocabulary required to enable students to describe their observations relating to the changes that occur when materials are mixed, heated, or cooled.
Science in a Van combine humour with clear scientific explanations that will get your students and staff hooked on science. 

  • Only $400.00 for 90 Students (including GST) - click here for more info.
  • No transportation costs – Science in a Van comes to you!

Auckland - 25th - 29th June 2012 - click here to reserve your preferred date!