Monday, October 3, 2011

A little friction between teams

Man, have we seen some scrums over the last couple of weeks!  In these scrums we can see Sir Isaac Newton’s second law of motion in action.

If something is moving or is about to move depends on two things
Its weight
The force acting on it

According to Sir Isaac Newton ideally you’d like your front row to be:


The heavier your front row is the more force the other team needs to move you.


The more force you can produce to push the other team back – the better.  Remember, you’ve got to have enough to cancel out the force they are pushing in your direction – and then some! 


They have to understand friction.  Friction is the force which is created when two surfaces rub against each other. 

You want the effects of friction between your boots and the ground to be high (I guess that’s what those new orange boots do well).  This makes it harder for the other team to push you back.

You want the effects of friction to be low between yourself and the player who is trying to tackle you.  (Hence the investment in new jerseys, shame the friction between the numbers and the jersey on the English was so low!)