Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Its Not Rocket Science

Science in a Van are dedicated to finding new ways to make science fun. So although Monday was the first day of the school holidays Alan was out and about!  He attended a workshop that helps teachers gain the knowledgeable and confidence to make and launch rockets.  How fun is that?  The teachers who participated will go back to their classrooms and prepare for a contest to be held  Ambury Farm Park in Auckland on the 17th of November 2012.

The NZ Rocketry Challenge is to get your rocket to a altitude of 150 meters returning with its precious cargo intact.  What cargo?  An egg!  

The workshop was fantastic.  The team from Aero Space Education and Kiwi Space had everything covered from lovely home made cakes to experts, geeks and even marker pens to help us decorate our rockets (and eggs).  It was a great day and not only is this a great way to teach science you can get in a lot of maths, art, technology and creative and report writing.  It was a jammed packed day and at the end Alan needed to put his feet up!

To find out more about the Rocketry Challenge and to find some great resources go to www.kiwispace.org.nz


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