Thursday, November 1, 2012

Photoluminescent Pendulum

Science Meets Art

Our mate Doug Makinson is excited about the up coming Art in the Dark. This is a free public, illuminated, interactive art event hosted in Western Park in Auckland on the 9th and 10th of November 2012.

From our garage Alan brought us this home made pendulum. But even we have to admit Doug has really out done us with his Photoluminescent Pendulum - an artwork called CUSP.

There are weights hung from a deceptively simple pendulum. A photoluminescent trace captures the movement of the weight producing patterns that range from cyclic to surprising and even chaotic.

With the first simple pendulum you can predict when you let go of the pendulum the cyclic motion that you will get.

With the second compound pendulum the motion is a surprise but if you study it for a while you can begin to see the underlying pattern.

With the third system you have no idea of the pattern the weight will produce. The pattern is unpredictable, different every time. You set the pendulum in motion but you cannot influence the outcome.

The three systems offer a metaphor for climate change. Does the earth continue to respond to our influence in a stable predictable way or are we on a cusp, a tipping point to chaos?

We think it's going to look amazing - Science meets Art! If you're in Auckland why not go and check it out - please post your impression of the event here.  Would you like Doug's artwork in your school? Why not check out his blog and get in touch?


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