Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Project Why and Marmite!

Project Why and Marmite - what's the link???

Project Why is a non-profit organisation New Delhi (India) which is dedicated to improving the education and life skills of kids living in the slums and their families. And we are selling off some Marmite to raise funds for Project Why!

Alan and Emily feel very fortunately to have volunteered there in 2010 for around five weeks teaching English and Science. It's an amazing place which relies heavily on volunteers and is solely financially dependent on donations. So ... we're going back in February 2013 and are very, very, very excited! We've been saving hard and spending lots of time talking to different groups about why we are going (the kids are amazing, the family who set up the project are inspiring and its just so much fun) and why we think it so important (its a grass-roots organisation that developed out of a need which is seriously making a big difference).

Also, we would Love, Love, Love to take some big books over with us. Does your school have any that are not being used? We would love to hear from you. Interested in volunteering at Project Why? Let us know and let's make it happen!  All funds raised will go straight to Project Why.

Keep your eye on this blog as we plan to do some great experiments with the kids at Project Why in February 2013 and we'll be posting instruction for you to recreate the same experience in your classroom.

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