Friday, July 19, 2013

Bootleg Blogs: Vol 1: Wellesley Science and Technology

Welcome to the very first volume of Bootleg Blogs! In this edition we are highlighting the fabulous blog written by Jo Hawthorne. Jo facilitates science at Wellesley College in Days Bay, Lower Hutt.

Since making our first post back in Feb 2011 - we have discovered a whole new wonderful world of Blogging. With each new post that we research we come across loads of amazing blogs written by teachers all over New Zealand (and the world) who are doing incredibly innovative science stuff in their classrooms. We thought it was time to highlight some of our favourite blogs and share some of the awesome work that they are doing.

Jo's blog is great as it reflects her fabulous job! She loves her work as she gets to focus on hands-on science and technology for the whole school (boys years 1-8).

She sure knows how to get their attention! Check out some of her blog posts ...

Using an Airzooka to blast cups off the boys' heads. Great start to a discussion about their observations and explanations

We love that Jo values the importance of play. Here's some of the boys during the 'play' session before Jo moved on to the science behind magnets. They then went on to develop their very own magnetic games

We also love Jo as she booked us in! lol 
They were such a good audience and got really into our Billy Goats Gruff session which is all about forces

Lego Robotics have been a bit of a hit with some students even giving up their lunchtimes to work on their projects. Check out Jo's post which outlines how the boys have come to grips with programming

So, thank you Jo for providing some great posts for our very first Bootleg Blog. We hope you'll visit Jo's blog and post comments and questions. If you'd your blog to be part of the next volume of Bootleg Blogs please note your blog details in the comments field below or emails us at

Happy Blogging Everyone!

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  1. Wow! What a nice surprise - and what a lovely write up of my blog. Thank you for taking the time to include lots of details and pics! I'm looking forward to reading some other sciencey blogs and learning a few new things. If anyone wants to know more about something on my blog, I'm more than happy to share what I've done - they can contact me via my blog (I'll check that I've got a link!) Many thanks, Jo

  2. Hi Jo, glad you got a nice surprise! I really hope other science peeps get involved as there are so many great ideas out there! Hope you are enjoying your hols :)


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