Monday, July 15, 2013

Early Childhood Education Fun Stuff

Science in a Van loves visiting Early Childhood Education centres and at each centre we seem to discover something new! Here's some of them ... 

At Kumeu Montessori Preschool they have glued magnets on the back of guttering! Very clever idea for marble-runs or water play. Very easy to move around and lots of fun trying to create a 'flow'

Kumeu Montessori were experimenting with floating and sinking as well as mixtures. The kids were soon asking to put all sorts of objects in the bottles to find out what would happen! Check out the bottle with oil and coloured water in it - just like the experiment in our 'Wonderful World of Bubbles for ECE' show :)

Just had to get a quick pic of these great recipes on the wall of Taupaki Kindergarten's staff kitchen

Can't remember where we met this special guy!

Always, always let the children name pets!  At the No 1 Kindy in Takapuna they do :)

We saw this some time ago. It was set up as a competition for the parents to get them thinking about sugar content. Pretty sure it was at Broadlands Kindergarten - but feel feel to correct us!

This was taken at the same Kindergarten. This centre was trying to become a rubbish free zone. Everyone is being encouraged to bring lunches and snacks WITHOUT packaging. If they do bring something which does have packaging they string it up. This way it becomes obvious how much packaging is being used - clever!

Palms Preschool had a whole science table!

Albany Community Preschool has a mini Rugby field :)

Wish we could remember where this teddy bears picnic took place???

This was taken just the other day at Botany Downs AKA. They had lots of creative spaces and artwork all around their centre. Very cool.

Alan couldn't resist playing with the dental hygiene resource at Chelsea Kindergarten.

Wish every classroom and ECE had one of these spaces! Was so easy to interact with the kids at St Paul's Kindergarten as they could all see what was happening at the front so easily.

St Paul's Kindergarten were also having fun attracting birds to their centre. They used stale bagels, covered in peanut butter and seeds. Then they tied them with ribbon to the trees - looked great!

Science from the ceiling at Somerville Kindergarten

We had a lot of fun with the children and staff at Taradale Kindergarten. After our show they sang to us the 'Fire Truck' song - it's been in our heads ever since :)

Thanks for the great pic Taradale Kindergarten!

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