Thursday, July 11, 2013

esicexyehdlfpyfde - ????? Break the Code!

On our recent post about our visit to the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago - we mentioned the Enigma machine which was found on the the submarine U-505.

The enigma machine was invented by the Germans so they could code and decode secret messages sent to each other. Before the second world war even started German inventors were working on the idea of a coding machine for corporate businesses to send and receive information.

During the second world war the Germans were sending secret codes to each other.  The Allies did intercept the codes but found them uncrackable!  They couldn't see or use the machines that could write the codes and also decode them.  In 1938 the Polish troops started to figure out how the machine worked.  There was also lots of work being done at a place in the UK called Bletchley Park.  Part of the work that was done there focused on the codes being intercepted in the area were the U-505 patrolled.  In 1942 part of a secret mission called ULTRA gave information to stop five Italian ships.

The Germans were amazing code makers and breakers. The maths behide how this machine works and the mechanics of this electro mechanics machine is very complicated.  However we can send each other codes by using this simulation of an Enigma machine 

Set the machine to Disc 1 (be careful as this is a little confusion) and letter G and this blog title might make sense.  Enjoy!


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