Monday, July 8, 2013

Museum of Science and Industry Chicago

We were lucky enough to visit Chicago at the beginning of July.  So, of course we had to go and visit the Museum of Science and Industry! Alan made a little video which features ... 

  • Foucault's pendulum which swings back and fourth showing the degree of earth's rotation over a period of time
  • A Melrin Engine that powered the Royal Air Force Spitfires
  • Thomas Edison's Phonograph which is a early device for listening to record music
  • Amazing art installation by Maarten Baas' "Sweepers Clock". A video of guys sweeping rubbish - but it's a clock which works in real time
  • A real treat was seeing the mercury capsule that was part of the USA's first attempts to try and get humans into space
  • Footage of a massive museum object - the German submarine U-505 (Alan was VERY excited about this)!

We absolutely love museums! If you have any videos or pictures of any museum exhibits you've seen - please share with us on our facebook page, twitter or email them to us at


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