Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Lots of Questions – Part 1

Recently lots of kids that use Skooville have come up with some great questions for us to scratch our heads over!  The team at Skooville received over 400 questions from their members!  Over the next few weeks we’ll attempt to answer some of the best of them.

Skooville is a fantastic online resource that enables kids to be safe online.  Find out more at www.skooville.com (it's even free to subscribe for New Zealand schools)!  

We thought we’d start by some answering some of our favourite questions …

Q from unknown user: Hi Science in a Van people.  I was wondering is there any good experiments we could try at home?  I love doing experiments.

A: Yes!  We love doing experiments.  Especially experiments that can easily be done at home.  We try and put as many experiments we can on our blog http://scienceinavan.blogspot.co.nz/.  Check it out!

Q from Danielle:  Why does salt help things float?

A: The best way to answer this question is to do an experiment yourself!  Why not grab some salt, an egg and a glass and try out this simple experiment?

Q from Ash: Why does combining mentos and diet coke cause the coke to burst out of the bottle?

A: This is a fantastic experiment and it shows that even scientists don't have all the answers!  Scientists are still trying to work out if the result is more to do with a physical reaction on a chemical reaction.  Alan did this experiment and made a huge mess!  To find out more check out the link.

So three questions down and many more to go. Next set of answers to follow shorty …


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