Saturday, June 21, 2014

Exploring Materials - Polymorph

Polymorph is an incredible hands-on resource that will engage your learners as they understand more about The Material World.

In our science show "What's the Matter" we talk about the properties of materials ...

What materials look like and how they behave  

Polymorph provides a fun way to practice talking about materials as this material changes as it is heated and cooled.

Polymorph is a low heat plastic and its properties change at around 62-65 degrees Celsius.  

It changes ....
from being a solid to a homogenized liquid
from white to transparent
from separate bits into a material that wants to stick together

Once heated (with hot water or a hair dryer) it becomes a material that is soft enough to be moulded.  As it cools it becomes hard again.  You can then sand it down, drill into it and paint it. 

It is fantastic for building props and costumes 
(we used it to make the horns on our Billy Goats Gruff Storytelling costumes).  
The best part is that this process is reversible.  
If you make a mistake you can heat it up again and start over!

We got our hands on some polymorph at Jay Car Electronics


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