Sunday, August 17, 2014

Just Another Pom in New Zealand

You'll know by watching our fun and easy to do science experiments on YouTube that Alan has an English accent. Alan loves all things mechanical and/or noisy. Everywhere Science in a Van goes Alan manages to find some crazy machinery - he gets especially excited when it has made it all the way to NZ from the UK (just like him)!

On our lastest visit to The Kauri Museum he found this Tangyes kerosene hot bulb engine. The company that made these machines set up in Birmingham in the UK way back in 1856.

These machines were imported to New Zealand by the John Chamber & Sons company which set up in 1892. John's son travelled back to NZ from Birmingham and was raving to his dad about how amazing these machines were. Their family company convinced the makers of the Tangyes machines to make some adjustments. These adjustments meant that the machines could run on fuel that was available in New Zealand. 

The machine in this picture was made for the Simpson family. It was run on kerosene in their wood mill in Oparakau.

Alan reckons this blog goes to prove that there are amazing hidden treasures to be found in museums all over the country .... and he isn't the only valuable import!


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