Saturday, August 2, 2014

Super Absorbing Moustache

If you follow our blog or have met Alan will know that he supports an fine moustache and beard combo. However, it can sometimes gets a bit unruly and this can cause problems. The main problem is due to its bushiness and the joys of capillary action in can absorb any liquid refreshment Alan is drinking at the time.

So Alan was thrilled to see a solution to this problem at the Kauri Museum in Matakohe with this porcelain cup. Thanks to the little insert your moustache keeps nice and dry and the liquid refreshment get to where its best needed.

The cup pictured belong to Rt Hon Joseph Gordon Coates who was New Zealand's 21st Prime Minster (1925-1928).

Alan feels that good invention is all about highlighting a problem and coming up with a simple yet effective solution. Not only does this fine moustache cup achieve that but it also shows that things don't have to be dull and lifeless to be practical.

Do you know of any other fun, practical inventions like this cup?  Post your links/ideas/examples below.


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