Tuesday, September 2, 2014

One Person's Junk is Another's Person Gold

As much as we celebrate all thing great in science and the development of science there are a few issues. Sometimes it feels impossible for us as individuals to do much about some of the big issues. But in this blog we look at one problem and a few ways we can make a BIG difference.

As humans we use a lot of resources from clothing to furnishings, mobile phones to large plasma screens, fast food and supper market food. Don't forget all the materials used to package, transport and store all these things too. It is frightening how much of this stuff we throw away when it is in good condition or could be re-purposed.

Science in a Van was in Kaikoura recently and we had lots of fun visiting their Innovative Waste Project. This project aims, by recycling, reusing and reducing, to have zero waste by 2015. That means nothing going to landfill! This 'dump' even has a second hand shop. So much great stuff!

Here are a few things we try to do at Science in Van to reduce our waste...

  1. To recycle or compost as much of our rubbish as we can and to give our old stuff to second hand shops.
  2. Buy as much stuff second hand as possible.
  3. Think before we buy. Do we really need it? Are there more environmentally friendly options out there?

To find out more about recycling in your area we suggest to go to your local council web page first and for local second hand shop you cant go wrong with Family Stores!


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