Wednesday, September 10, 2014

There's Gold in them Sheds!

Science in a Van would like to acknowledge the great work that school caretakers do. At the majority of schools we visit, caretakers are our 'go-to' people. They are also very understanding when we ask for slippery when wet signs and explain that their floors will be 'super' clean after our Wonderful World of Bubbles Show! They are also keen to lend us a ladder when we need to adjust our guidance system for Space Chick Steve in our Move It Show. They usually get our sense of humour and are always up for a laugh and a joke.

So their honour lets have some fun with this photo. Alan took it in the caretaker's shed at Hastings Intermediate. It's a bit of a treasure hunt! Can you or your learners use facebook, twitter or the comments below to post your answers???

  1. What item of clothing is the fire extinguisher wearing?
  2. How many gloves can you see?
  3. Can you cut and paste a link to where we could by a can of the multi-purpose spray adhesive that you can see in this image?
Good luck!


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