Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Trash Talk

Science in a Van just feel that every time they buy something we are just adding to many of the global problems of production and consuming. The amount of energy to get raw materials, the energy to process that material, energy to transport it ... the list just grows ... we feel our carbon footprint is growing by the second!

So we love it when we come across a great alternative like we did when touring Christchurch. Creative Junk is a warehouse of treasures. Its got lots of things from industry as well as large selection of clean house hold waste items.

As well as being eco-friendly - it also gets your creative juices going! In places like this it is easily to see how you can find alternatives to buying something new. Alan was doing a experiment with a bike wheel and he needed a axle. After some creative thinking he found knitting needle that was just the right size. Problem solved!


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