Tuesday, February 24, 2015

#scichatnz Connecting with Science Educators (while wearing your PJs)

Science in a Van is still getting to grips with twitter but there is one thing we really love about it... it's super easy to connect with other educators and share ideas.

#scichatnz is one of the best examples. Every second Thursday during term time a bunch of early childhood, primary and secondary science teachers, researchers and providers log on to twitter and have a conversation. It lasts about an hour and it's pretty fast paced! This last week the topic was 'Sharing Best Practice'. You can see how the conversation went ...

If you don't have a twitter account - Core Education have an easy guide to help you through the process here. When you are all signed up - make sure you connect with us! You wouldn't want to miss out on little gems like this ... would you? :)


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